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Gift Art

To others

This was a gift I did for Kina. 16th B-day!

This was a gift I did for Kina.

I drew Caldina's character because I could. :P

My first drawing for Lita-chan

Second drawing for Lita-chan. ^^;

[ScEn] asked me to draw Tifa from FFVII.

I drew this for Mizumo.

I drew Kori's cat-boys, Kiiro and Aoi.

I did this drawing just for Makoto-chan. I love ya!

A drawing that I did for anybody and anyone.. *L*

To Me

This was Kina's gift to me for being the 1600th visitor on the 16th day on her 16th birthday.

 I asked for Hikaroo and Mitzi to be drawn together. This adorable picture is the result.

Kori drew Heero with evil me plushies. *L*

Kori drew this for me when I was real tired. ^^;

A drawing done for me by [ScEn]. YAY! Thankies!

A drawing of Hineko by AceGirl! Yay!

My bud, Jason, drawn as a bishounen, (as if he isn't already) by T-sea! Thankies!

A Cloud plushie drawn for me from FreakyLain.. *^^*

A drawing of Kodemo from Ishiakari, that Tiara drew. ^.~ She didn't know her colors, but it still looks great!

A kawaii Bunny for me.. from TikkieTac. *^^* Her webpage is linked in the links section!

*L* This is T-sea's Bishi, he saved me from a bug. *L*

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