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Here's a note, each warrior has a warrior destined to battle him/her in Emina at one point. The opposing characters have the same element as the other.
I got an e-mail from my friend, who helped me with this more than you'd know, telling me the names are wrong! Well, sort of. Nekohi's name literally means Cat Fire, instead of Firecat like I wanted it to, so her name is now Hineko. ^^;

Good Guys:
Hineko - Warrior of Fire
Mike - Warrior of Water
Kodemo - Warrior of Earth
Kaze - Warrior of Destruction
Yoshe - Warrior of Light and Health

Bad Guys:
Shinju - Nekohi's Warrior
Asuka - Mike's Warrior
Barano - Kodemochiisai's Warrior
Saiji - Kaze's Warrior
Sakura - Yoshe's Warrior

Other characters:
Nikko - The princess
Schala - Hineko's Guardian (Cat)
Pixie - Kodemo's Guardian (Pixie)
Bane -  Mike's Guardian (Sort of a Dragon like Dog)
Hikaru - Yoshe's Guardian (Dragon)
Janus - Kaze's Guardian (Duck)
Marcus - Gym leader in Nekohi's hometown gym

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