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Here's a note, each warrior has a warrior destined to battle him/her in Emina at one point. The opposing characters have the same element as the other.

Good Guys:
Nekohi - Warrior of Fire
Mike - Warrior of Water
Kodemochiisai - Warrior of Earth
Kaze - Warrior of Destruction
Yoshe - Warrior of Light and Health

Bad Guys:
Shinji - Nekohi's Warrior
Asuka - Mike's Warrior
Barano - Kodemochiisai's Warrior
Saiji - Kaze's Warrior
  - Yoshe's Warrior

Other characters:
Nadia - The princess
Schala - Nekohi's Guardian (Cat)
Pixie - Kodemochiisai's Guardian (Pixie)
Bane -  Mike's Guardian (Sort of a Dragon like Dog)
Sakura - Yoshe's Guardian (Dragon)
Janus - Kaze's Guardian (Duck)
Marcus - Gym leader in Nekohi's hometown gym

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